I just came from enjoying and living life under the tropical Philippine sky hence the long silence. Anyway, I am still hungover so I will tell a bit of my vacation story through pictures. These ones are of Cebu City.

I tasted Iba Shake for the first time at Zubuchon. It was surprisingly sweet and refreshing.
I’m making this one next time. I just can’t justify paying P90 for iba!
(Iba is Kamias in Tagalog. It’s a green sour fruit commonly found the Philippines)

Carinderia food! We paid P50 for the two meals plus drinks.
Faye and I had our usual warm brownie cup from La Marea and chamomile tea.
Colorful trinkets sold at busy Colon.
One of Cebu City’s beautiful views. It reminds me of a more graceful time in history.
Cokaliong! One eventually gets to be on this ship in frequent inter-island travels in Visayas and Mindanao.
Isn’t this nostalgic?



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