Rules of The Game

My grandmother owned a store and sold gulaman to students in the 60’s. I set up my first email account in our internet shop which we eventually sold. My uncle and aunt have also began to reap rewards for their efforts in putting up a farm. Our family line may have had entrepreneurs but none that ever made it the center of their lives. Business was not talked about at home much more finance. We used money every day like everyone else but there just wasn’t a lot of talk about it except maybe how we wish we had more. I never had that entrepreneurial streak. I didn’t pay much attention to my business management class in high school. I was allergic to bookkeeping classes! I hated it with a passion.

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It may have been my family background, my Catholic heritage or the fact that I come from a state university but I developed a kind of thinking that one only gets wealthy by stepping on other people. Who can blame me? It is clearly illustrated by many politicians, businessmen, loan sharks, bankers (or all these in one!). However, as much as there are rich assholes, it is unquestionably true that there are also poor assholes. I’d rather be good and wealthy. I can’t pinpoint when the realization hit me that I ought to quit whining and complaining about how others are more fortunate than I. I will always believe in demanding for what is right and though it may not be other people’s cup of tea, I will not hesitate to use my freedom of assembly for a cause I believe in. With that said, I don’t want the bigger abstract things I cannot immediately control frustrate me. I made a mental inventory of my knowledge of money I realized that there are places where I could start. I am taking baby steps now with my personal finance. 

I am sharing this because I want to hold myself accountable that I won’t be a financial newbie for long. And what better way than to announce it on the blogosphere? From time to time, I’ll be sharing some resources and thoughts on this particular interest. Because really, this is what they should have taught us in school —financial literacy! If my math teachers explained their concepts using financial situations I would have devoured the subject. Yes, I hated math with a passion too. 
Now though  I’m not letting just the big boys play. I want in and I can’t be until I master the rules of the game.

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