Ms. Kuripot Reveals Where Her Money Goes

If the title prompted you to read this post, it is either you’ve been called kuripot or you know someone that is.
I am more of a saver and I often felt bad and insulted by friends and colleagues who have called me kuripot. Perhaps if I was born decades earlier, I’d have been praised for being matipid (thrifty) rather than chastised for being kuripot (stingy).

But I no longer begrudge others for finding me “boring”. In fact, I find their YOLO-ish philosophy about money valid especially when I recall how many times I suffered unnecessary inconveniences just to save a peso or two only to see my savings disappear due to an insignificant  or hasty purchase. I used to experience buyer’s remorse more often than retail satisfaction.

I was invited to a seminar called A Millionaire Mind. It’s what naysayers and too-cool-for-that people would call as very ra-ra and hokey. Yet, I learned a lot from it and realized that there are good and bad sides to being a saver, a spender or an avoider, whichever you are. I am now more aware of my responses about wealth and money, more understanding of the spenders and more forgiving of myself. 
So in lieu of a sarcastic comeback to those that have accused me of being stingy (or even miserly), I’ll let them in on where my money goes instead. Because shouldn’t that be the more important question? 



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