The List That Will Change My Life (Or Yours)

blog post from inspired me to write this post. Leo Babauta has one of the best blogs out there so be sure to check that gold mine out. In the said entry, he suggests starting one habit every month. There’s a program created to guide you in every step of the way for $10/month which may be great for a lot of people but I figured I will try the concept without spending so I’m sharing my list with you. If I am a woman of my words, we shall find out after 30 days! I promise to write at least two posts about every item on the list. It sounds like a tall order but it will be for my own good. You can share your own list too and let me know if we can be accountability buddies!

  • March:  Practice Yoga at least 5 days a week
  • April: Wake up at 6am on weekdays
  • May: Mindfully listen to someone when conversing
  • June: Read one chapter of a good book daily
  • July: Read one blog entry in Italian daily
  • August: Write one paragraph (10lines) daily
  • September: Eat 1 vegetarian meal daily (okay, seafood and dairy products allowed but no red meat.)
  • October: Declutter for 15 minutes daily
  • November: Meditate 10 minutes daily
  • December: Know one Japanese character daily

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