August Challenge: Reflections After Italy

I barely wrote anything for the month of August except a few notes and postcards. It sounds like a huge transgression not to journal everyday when you’re in one of the most popular countries in Europe. But I was busy dancing, partying, drinking wine, eating gelato and cherishing moments for the most part of the month. Nothing bad about that!


Kababayang Pilipino Cultural Performing Arts Group NEWBIES!

Around a year ago, I made a decision to join a dance workshop. Amazing things happen when you get off your lazy ass to do something. Yes, things like finding yourself on a performance tour in Italy. I danced everyday at the Latium World Folkloric Festival. Our schedule was hectic. Mornings were spent on preparations, make-up, parades followed by afternoon rehearsals then application of make-up again, after which, we get shuttled to other towns for another parade and performance. We performed in Rome, Fondi, Bassiano, Paliano, Velletri, Capri and Cori. It was during this tour that I saw the Happy = High Energy Theory at work! We would sleep for 2-3 hours a day but we had enough energy to Morning da Nayt (that means to party) after an evening show! I tried catching my z’s on the bus most of the time. This  is probably normal to touring professional performers but it’s definitely new and wonderfully insane for a girl who once had two left feet!

Tourists everywhere in Rome

After the festival, three fellow newbies and I went on to Firenze, Bologna e Venezia! Our bodies had had enough of the craziness. We collapsed on the couch/bed and slept for the entire afternoon on our first day in Firenze.

A lovely corner in our 800 year old apartment in Florence (Firenze)
On our flight home, I was finally able to pen down some thoughts and here are some of them:
  1. It is alright to be an introvert (I’m supposed to know this already but try being in a tour with 25 other people!)
  2. As an extension to point 1, get at least a few minutes of alone time before “diving into” the day and enjoy pockets of silence
  3. Balance points 1 and 2 with enjoying the company of others and learning from them —FUN!
  4. Don’t be lazy with photos —debatable but when you’re with a bunch of Filipinos, you’ll be glad that you made an effort to pose well!
  5. Focus and calm yourself before the show
  6. Learning the language before going on a trip helps BIG time —Yaay! It really made the experience better for me that I was able to understand many words and knew how to ask for things. Asking for dentifricio at a farmacia in straight Italian … no problemo!
  7. Get lost and enjoy it
  8. Do what you’re too chicken to do if you were at home — For me, it’s to bike in the city. I swear you will feel glorious!

And that’s it for now. There’s more stuff but they are for me to mull over. Ciao!

One of our meals in Bologna

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