September Challenge: Eat One Meat-Free Meal A Day

Temp Brennan once told Booth (in the Bones tv series!) that vegetarians aren’t always necessarily healthy. They can just eat french fries all day. My September challenge was an effort to reduce red meat and increase vegetable intake. Don’t get me wrong, I love meat but I also know how I badly need those leafy greens. Yet as Temp said, the challenge didn’t necessarily make me eat healthy. There were times when my meat-free meal was an orange marmalade sandwich or a bowl of cereal.

While I wasn’t able to record every day I did rediscover some easy-to-cook and meat-free meals to share with you! This is purely an idea giver/ingredients list. Just determine quantities to suit your taste!
  • Kimchi Fried Rice:
    • saute garlic
    • onion
    • store-bought kimchi
    • cooked rice
    • cucumber
    • season as you like with salt and pepper. Add tofu for something more substantial.
  • Lugaw
    • rice porridge
    • Toppings: sliced green scallions, century eggs, toasted crunchy garlic ( which you get by putting garlic in oil over low fire til they get crunchy)
  • Seafood Chopsuey
    • saute
    • garlic
    • onion
    • carrot
    • celery
    • broccoli
    • button mushroom
    • canned or fresh baby corn
    • seafood of choice (shrimps, mussels and/or squid)
    • chopsuey seasoning and or oyster sauce
    • season with salt and pepper. Thicken sauce using cornstarch and water
  • Garlic Shrimp
    • saute garlice in butter
    • add shrimp
  • Ginataang Gulay
    • saute garlic
    • onion
    • squash
    • any other veggie of choice (eg. string beans, okra etc)
    • coconut cream when squash is soft
  • Grilled Salmon Head
    • salt the cleaned salmon head and shove it in your oven to grill at 350F until the outside is brown and crisp (just keep checking!)
    • This is so good, you wished you cooked more. Make sure to salt that fish head good.
  • Tuna spread
    • tuna from tuna can
    • mayo
    • sliced onions and scallions
    • salt and pepper
  • Kale and Eggs
    • saute garlic in sesame oil and olive oil
    • kale
    • then eat with soft or hard boiled eggs!
  • Mussels in Broth
    • saute onions
    • ginger
    • lemon grass
    • mussels
    • a bit of white wine (no white wine? no problem. skip it.)
    • water
    • green onions
    • chili leaves or other leafy greens (kale will do)
    • season with salt
  • Chili Tofu and Eggplant
    • brown tofu
    • saute garlic
    • eggplant
    • chili garlic paste (LKK)
Lugaw! Non-vegetarian with the addition of yummy Chinese chorizo.


I still tried to make quickie-kimchi

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