Not Sacrificing Values for Followers

Just so you know, I posted below message on my Facebook. Gusto nako klaruhon akong posisyon kay narealize nako na I should be proud even if daghan Pinoy ug mga friends nako nga @.!\×&×*. Anyway here it is:
Friends and lovers…or whatever, as you may be aware, I have a loathing for Duterte supporters especially at this time. This of course does not come as a suprise to you. I’m not exactly a likeable or popular person. But I’d like to suggest that maybe next time you choose a leader you could use this question to filter your choices: 

What is her/his stand regarding Martial Law and the Marcoses?

Politics ni, wala daw personalan? Unfortunately the political seeps into the personal. I just want to say this because considering Marcos and Duterte’s popularity and support from Filipinos, I don’t want to go down in history as a “Filipino” who agreed to/allowed these injustices. I am not among those Filipinos and I’m proud of it. Let my future children know this.

Hashtag alternative to #MarcosNotAHero is #MarcosACriminal.

Don’t use the Bisaya/Mindanawan card on me kay as a Bisaya gahuna-huna ko sa epekto aning mga extra judicial killings ug “independent” foreign policy daw (pero ibaligya raman diay sa China). Davaoenos can use the Davao card kay di ko taga Davao wa daw koy nahibalan. But…There are Davaoenos who do not support him. Surprise! 

Whatevs guys. You can imagine whatever you want but history will judge us… Oh but i guess you’re rewriting it. 


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