Monday I Blog Like Everybody Else

I was surfing the internet because I was so bored. I’m so bored with life. It’s such an extravagant, vulgar thing to say. Bored with life. Life is so precious but I’m bored. So I surfed and I usually waste my time on Youtube watching trailers and make-up gurus. I read blogs. My indulgence are fashion blogs because I never really end up buying stuff or improving my wardrobe, I’m just chismosa. I just want to see what’s happening in other people’s lives because I have nothing better to do. Of course I do…(have??) I have a million tasks to do that a responsible person would do like thank a referree, manage my finances, reconnect with friends and co-workers, and get my life together. But my default mode is whatever. And then I notice that when I blog, I sound like everybody else. Like I use the same phrases or expressions. Like…. you know.

And then I feel guilty for wasting my time which makes me even guiltier. Then I think of how I have been spending these years in North America becoming “stupid”. Ironically, my English has de…see I can’t even remember the words! My English has deteriorated! I had to keep checking Google for antonyms and synonyms for this entry alone. Many times  I worry if my brain is just rusting away. You know that saying that people really stop living at 25? There’s no more growth and it’s just a flat line. Of course I sound like an ingrate. There’s so many opportunities for growth but when you’re in that slump, it’s like you’ve got blinders on. Either you don’t see the opportunity or you take it on but end up not having the energy nor drive to see it through. And then you are bored. I am bored.

The plus side is, I’m not this kid in her early twenties trying to become a yoga babe or the fierce careerist ready to take on the corporate ladder. I’m just way over that. It’s like everytime I see these people, I see right through them. We are all trying to be somebody and it’s super exhausting. So now I’m this (let’s use this overused term jaded) cynical person who’s content with my kdramas and whatever food I can scrounge in my kitchen – cup noodles?

Was that boring? Depressing? Don’t worry. Occassionally I try to coax out that insecure early-twenties girl in me. Insecure, young but so full of bull-headed determination. I’m guessing now is the time to learn and find that balance of “stubborness” (someone give me the right noun, I can’t English) and contentment. Idealism tempered with “so this is what you want. This is reality. This is how you can get what you want. This is what you have to give up to get what you want. Girl, stop being an ungrateful little…”

Hmmm. Okay I’m relieved. I think I just had a conversation with my ego. Blogging can be therapeutic even if I sound like everybody else. Ok thanks, bye.

Pinoy Leading Men, A Review-ish

Don’t Give Popoy A Chance

I’ve been thinking about writing this for a long while. About 7 months ago, I re-watched One More Chance with my sister and our friend, A. A mentioned how the leading man’s character, Popoy (played by John Lloyd) was the type your mom warns you about. He might have said that of most Pinoy leading men characters and not just Popoy’s.

In the course of watching One More Chance for the 3rd time I found myself annoyed with Popoy’s character. Basha could have moved on and found someone less controlling and oblivious. The tipping point for A and my sister (and that break up part of the movie) was when Popoy separated the fried chicken skin from the meat, not allowing Basha to eat it. Okay, concerned lang. Isn’t it nice of him to think of her health? Uhm yah but nah. That’s a good thing in a partner when he/she looks after you and helps you shape up. In this case, Popoy the character merely directs and decides for Basha (ie. he changes Basha’s presentation at work without her knowledge).


Of course people have flaws and so should the characters but this particular leading man lacked a redeeming quality. My sister mentioned that Popoy never even realizes why Basha broke up with him. He (though understandably) gets broken and goes on a downward spiral when they break up. Then he gets better after a while, “moving on” when he meets another girl only to fall for Basha again. Throughout the movie, I still do not feel any sympathy for Popoy and rather than being endeared to his character, I am still annoyed as ever.


Same Old, Same Old

I haven’t watched the sequel so I can’t speak about that. Considering One More Chance is an “old” movie and there have been countless romcoms that came after so I think that there’s hope for the Pinoy leading man. Always Be My Maybe was promising and it had so many good things. Yet once again I couldn’t find sympathy for Jake (played by Gerald Anderson). Supposedly, a playboy who eventually wanted to settle down with his girlfriend. Then his girlfriend would have none of it, he was too late and she’s over him so he’s this guy with hurt feelings. I mean I don’t know if I can believe that a player suddenly wants to be serious.

He’s such a typical bro. He works in his dad’s business but is dreaming to be a photographer. Okay good, I just need more depth. Just need to know more about this cookie-cutter pogi dude who seems like every Manileño.


Where Art The Leading Men?

I have to say though leading men are kind of improving. Everyone seems to love the Jadine team. I do too! Heehee. But I haven’t been religious in watching anything except for the first few episodes of OTWOL. Series have the upper hand over movies it seems when it comes to character development. Totally different format and you can show all sorts of things and reasons why this character is so and so. Might not be fair to say Clark’s character had more depth compared to Popoy’ and Jake’s because there were more chances to get to know Clark.

Yet I think it could still work. Case in point was this Kathniel movie, Crazy Beautiful You. Daniel Padilla’s character Kiko was actually very well thought of. Of course it had a tacky cheesy ending but in terms of the leading man’s character, I felt like I was more involved and that I really liked the guy. The responsible anak-sa-labas ng mayor who has to clean up after his feeling-dalaga irresponsible mom. But then he was still funny and quite endearing.


Anyway I am looking forward to watching Jodie’s movie Achy Breaky Hearts because I will get to know 2 leading men instead of 1. I’m expecting that these characters are more multi-dimensional. Or I could be biased. (Showing in Vancouver International Village Jul 8-21!!! I was not paid to promote this. I have no followers and I have yet to watch it. Haha.)


Anyway I still look forward to better characters in our Pinoy leading men. Whatever socio-economic class their character is in I hope the personality shines through. If the guy is poor, can he not be this generic poor guy? If he’s rich, can he not be this generic rich guy who stands to inherit his family’s hacienda or something?

Mahalin Ang Sariling Atin

One of my tags for this entry is #jologsmoment but in reality, I think Pinoys can aspire to make better movies and improve on the highly snubbed genre of romcoms. I kind of feel sorry for those Pinoys who automatically dismiss Pinoy movies. I mean yes I understand it can get tacky and super inane! There are enjoyable & good ones out there you just have to give it a chance. And hey, I think Hollywood produces loads of movies and most of it are crap then some good ones. I hope our industry produces even more movies to the point that the ratio of fun relatable movies to tacky ones become 5:1 at least instead of the seemingly 2:5 (I’m just making these numbers up. That’s how it seems to me. :p). Tangkilikin ang sariling atin!

That said, I’m looking forward to my sister’s film career. I will just have to ask her to make those movies for me.

Yun lang. Bow.

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The List That Will Change My Life (Or Yours)

blog post from inspired me to write this post. Leo Babauta has one of the best blogs out there so be sure to check that gold mine out. In the said entry, he suggests starting one habit every month. There’s a program created to guide you in every step of the way for $10/month which may be great for a lot of people but I figured I will try the concept without spending so I’m sharing my list with you. If I am a woman of my words, we shall find out after 30 days! I promise to write at least two posts about every item on the list. It sounds like a tall order but it will be for my own good. You can share your own list too and let me know if we can be accountability buddies!

  • March:  Practice Yoga at least 5 days a week
  • April: Wake up at 6am on weekdays
  • May: Mindfully listen to someone when conversing
  • June: Read one chapter of a good book daily
  • July: Read one blog entry in Italian daily
  • August: Write one paragraph (10lines) daily
  • September: Eat 1 vegetarian meal daily (okay, seafood and dairy products allowed but no red meat.)
  • October: Declutter for 15 minutes daily
  • November: Meditate 10 minutes daily
  • December: Know one Japanese character daily

The Plant That Won’t Die: A Metaphor for the Hopeless

So I brought this Poinsettia plant to the office two weeks before Christmas. It is now March and it is still on my desk. 

I transferred it to my cubicle from the department shelf where it originally was because I was getting a lot of comments about it. Am I still watering the poor thing?? It’s dying. Or just about any other comment that basically means the same thing: that Poinsettias are only for Christmas and I should throw my plant away already. I would tell people that it would be such a waste to throw away because it was still alive. I eventually got tired of saying that over and over so I put it on my desk. Then one of the execs comes over and comments, when any of her plants do not look gorgeous anymore, they are out. You’d think I would let out a sigh of resignation and throw my poor poinsettia plant away but you know what, it is still on my desk. Perhaps on Monday I will take it home and plant it in our garden. I wonder, is there something my officemates are telling me that I just cannot get? Whatever. Like a stubborn teenager, I roll my eyes.
They don’t get me either. Anything and anyone surviving has every chance of thriving.

The First Time I Talk About Style

I just had this urge to write a fashion entry. Fashion, an arena I never dared enter. I thought I dressed okay until I reached my twenties and realized that I’m just not there yet, style-wise. By there, I mean my idea of my well-dressed self. While some older photos make me cringe, it’s a relief that my fashion transgressions lie more on the side of being understated rather than being horrendously overdressed. I could always excuse myself with putting function over fashion. That or my being in a tropical country doesn’t require anything more than a “relaxed style”. There’s no using the same excuses now.

Yes, one has to grow emotionally and spiritually but perhaps it should also be reflected by some kind of a wardrobe overhaul. (I give you permission to roll your eyes.) This time I just feel like taking this seriously especially that I have been a few years in the “real working world” already. It’s time to lose the cutesy and put on the corporate-ladder-climber look. Though I have no intention of climbing some obscure ladder.
You may have noticed how I’m iffy about showing pictures of myself. So there will be no OOTD’s soon (maybe?). In any case, here are some of my favourites in the “fashion world”:
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Best Vlogger would be Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters for her charming personality and love of thrifting. Had I been more clothes conscious , I would be looking a lot like Nicole Warne of Very classy yet simple. And she shows that classic is not limited to the black and white ensemble. Of Philippine bloggers, Danika Rio of StudioRio gets my vote for her business sense and  love of prints.
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My style would probably be either CLASSIC or BOHEMIAN or a bit of both. Think Talitha Getty and Grace Kelly in one. Should I ever have an endless supply of shopping money, you will find me checking out Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, ModCloth, Ruche and some good old reliable thrift stores.
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There you have it. Now excuse me while I lounge at home in my oversized shirt and pajamas.